About Us

KutiSkin was started in 2012 because I found it difficult to find skin-care products that I would normally purchase when I was back home in the Philippines. When I did find a well known Filipino brand it was either very expensive or there was a long travel time to the store.

KutiSkin is a family run registered Corporation that services the USA and Canada market areas. We sell through our: retail on-line store; wholesale direct to stores on the street; plus we have our Membership portal that gives extremely low prices to our KutiSkin Members. We import well known brands of skin-care products directly from the manufacturer and deliver RISK-FREE right to your door.

Our Corporate Goal is to offer value added skin-care and skin-whitening products at a fair and reasonable price. We believe skin-care products should be affordable for every person regardless of where they live.

I look at product quality verses cost. Meaning that some products I sell may be more expensive then a competitor's brand but the results are more improved. We care about your complexion and also your pocketbook. We make every effort to give you the lowest price thus giving you more money in your pocket to enjoy life.

Our Corporate Objective is educating you so as to empower you to make informed decision as to how you should proceed with your skin-care treatment.

We care about your self esteem...

Although we strongly believe everyone has a unique inner beauty that should never be altered, we also believe visual appearances sometimes need fine-tuning to adjust the changes that occur over the years. Our fantasy of looking like a popular actress is just that... a fantasy. In reality you do not and should not have to change your natural appearance such as increasing your nose length or altering your lips just to be accepted.

KutiSkin strives to increase your self-esteem that may be caused by various natural factors and how this makes you see yourself. For example, living with oily skin, acne or a darker complexion can cause some people to feel second-rate/inferior because others around you seem to have what you believe is flawless skin. Unfortunately peer pressure often develops when a co-worker, classmate, or a friend’s negative opinion on your outer appearance immediately lowers your self esteem. In fact this can be considered verbal abuse and even bullying.

...we will do what we can to help raise your confidence.

There are no middle companies between KutiSkin and the manufacturer. This is to ensure you are always given the lowest possible price and that you will receive the Authentic Product as advertised on our site.

Please be aware of others claiming that they sell genuine products. Fake products that have either very similar packaging or being repacked have been sold at a much lower price and often sold as the ‘original’ product. We strongly recommend you only purchase from an Authorized Distribution Center so you can be assured that you are buying genuine products from a reliable company.

KutiSkin only sells authentic products that are imported directly from the manufacturers.

KutiSkin is sanctioned by 'Intelligent Skin Care Inc' since 2016 as an authorised 'Belo Distribution Center' for USA and Canada. We import all Belo products directly from the Intelligent Skin Care Inc warehouse located in the Philippines.

If you have suggestions or products you believe we should carry, please let me know. I hope you have a great experience shopping at KutiSkin and if not, please help me by letting me know so I can improve the quality of service.

... Salamat